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Laser tube cutting services for large and small projects. Tubes are programmed from a 3D file that is either provided by the customer or created by CalWest engineering team. Tube Laser cutting is carving the way for future manufacturing in allowing high production and repeatability of product lines at a low cost.


Capabilities are including round and square tube. Round tube can be cut up to 12" diameter and square can be cut up to 8x8" dimensionaly. We commonly cut thicknesses up to .75" in vast materials.

Email our sales team with as much info as you have on your part. We prefer to recieve .xt, step, or IGES files that can be opened in Solidworks. We program directly from these files. Drawings are recommended if tolerances need to be inspected for final production.


If files need to be created, you can utilize our engineering staff for CAD or 3D reverse engineering with our FARO arm.

Please contact us directly via phone or email.

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