Tube bending is very common process after tube laser cutting. We cope, mark, and part number from our tube laser. This makes it easy for us to align and bend tubing as a second operation of the tube laser process. Complex and indexed shapes can be created to suit your product in small and large quantities.

2.00" OD - 6.200" CLR

2.00" OD - 4.650" CLR

1.75" OD - 6.200" CLR

1.75" OD - 4.133" CLR

1.625" OD - 5.210" CLR

1.50" OD - 5.210" CLR

1.25" OD - 4.168" CLR

1.00" OD - 3.126" CLR

0.50" OD - 3.130" CLR

These are true radius after springback, please design parts to these CLR options. Custom tooling is available if needed.

Roll + Bending is possible with our CNC tube bender. Allowing for tubes that may have multiple bends and rolls in a single tube. Create rolls that range from small to large radius sweeps. Please contact us about tube bender die size specifications for tube bending.

Please contact our sales team for more information on getting your parts formed. Please have ready 3D cad files or drawings.

If you need files created, ask about our engineering services and 3D scanning capabilities for reverse engineering tube.